A Day In The Life

Although every customer is individual, we often get asked what will I be doing when I get there?  On arrival, once settled and comfortable, we discuss your objectives during your visit.  We devise a schedule and advise on how we can maximise these results.

During your assessment we observe; blood pressure; pulse rate; height and, unlike other fitness centres, we do not measure BMI but rather opt for an advanced technique of body composition analysis. This analyses water content; visceral fat (fat around major organs); lean muscle mass and subcutaneous fat. This offers us an in-depth understanding of how to help you.

We gained permission for Shelley to share her development programme with you.
  • Shelley   - Age 36.    
  • Weight - 147 Lb (10.5 stone)
  • Goal – 133Lb (9.5 stone)
Shelley is a busy mum, juggling home and work commitments. Her career as a marketing manager requires frequent travel. She readily admits to missing breakfast, choosing instead to grab a smoothie at about 10:30am. She tries to eat the right foods, however, this is sometimes difficult when staying away. She enjoys a glass or two of white wine at weekends. Shelley enjoys the gym once a week.

For Shelley, we equipped her with nutritional understanding. We concentrated on the importance of good water intake. As Shelley enjoys the gym, we agreed to a mix of circuits, hiking and interval training. Mid afternoons, Shelley chose to reflect and meditate. Early evening sessions included jogging and interval training accompanied with long baths, deep pumped up pillows and sound long sleeps.

“ It was so nice to engage in me for once. The Towers leaves you feeling empowered, energised and totally calm. The exercise sessions were challenging but great fun. Its great to understand the reasoning behind the nutritional choices and I will definitely think differently about the importance of good food and water choices. The accommodation is superb and the food is delicious.”

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