Good nutrition is vital to successful long term weight-loss and good health.  The benefits of a balanced and varied diet are well recognised and science is well versed with the many publications recommending the importance of good nutrition.  Improvements in cholesterol, reduction in blood pressure, improved skin tone, greater flexibility and increased energy levels are but a few reasons to take nutrition seriously.

Many of us have tried one or more of the many fad diets that surround us.  Few work and most entice us into an unhealthy weight loss and weight regain cycle.  Other diets recommend eliminating certain food groups, whilst others suggest the inclusion of varying supplements.  It is unsurprising that many of us end up feeling confused and discouraged by this approach and end up being no closer to our weight loss goal.

A good weight loss management program incorporates sound nutrition practices, behavioural changes as well as physical activities.  There is no need to go hungry and a proper nutritious balanced diet will soon have you feeling better energised.  

At 'The Towers' we give you the tools and confidence to make the right informed choices regarding nutrition.  This approach empowers you in making positive and life long commitments toward adopting a healthier lifestyle.

Our principles for healthy nutrition stem from variety, balance and moderation.  We aim to impart the rationale for healthy eating and we will also show you how to cook delicious recipes.  

We very much look forward to you joining us at 'The Towers'.

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